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Best treatment for social phobia?

Question by LuluRose: Best treatment for social phobia?
And does anybody know how many have it?

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Answer by x_roo_x24
clubs, activities, sports =]

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Question by piratewench: What treatment is possible for anxiety disorders?
I’m going to a psychologist in two weeks. I think I have an anxiety disorder (constant and illogical worry and nervousness over silly things or nothing at all, often to the point of making myself sick). Anyway, if I am diagnosed I’m curious about the possible treatments I may encounter. And if anyone knows of a support forum it would be greatly appreciated.


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What are the differences between different psychosocial treatment modalities?

Question by Kori: What are the differences between different psychosocial treatment modalities?
I’m having a bit of trouble in my psychosocial rehabilitation class, and I’m open to whatever help I can get.
I have to write a 2 page paper on the different types of treatment options, and which one I think is best. How can I possibly choose? It depends on the patient/ clients’ specific needs doesn’t it?
What are the most common treatment modalities in use today? What are the different types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
I’m so lost :[

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Article by Bori Rozin

As of nowadays, there is no generalized anxiety disorder treatment that is considered to be a “miracle” cure that will totally treat the symptoms of this disease. There are on-going studies being conducted to help us better ascertain the complexity of the brain, and therefore being able to properly treat GAD.

Happily, a number of self-help methods, therapies and medicinal practices have shown definite results in treating generalized anxiety disorder. Complications and severity of this disease vary greatly so it is very crucial that a true diagnosis is reached before treatment begins. The American Psychological Association publishes a very helpful leaflet entitled, ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’.

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A Step Closer to Drug Addiction and Phobia Treatment

Article by Nikhil Chaudhry

Scientists are now looking into solving drug abuse cases by studying on a certain medication that could possibly be the most effective drug for treating addiction. This specific drug is also known to control phobias. The US Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory provides further evidence that a drug known as D- cycloserine could play a role in helping to extinguish the craving behaviors associated with drug abuse, or specifically, with the addiction to psychotropic drugs. Their study found that mice treated with D-cycloserine were less likely to spend time in an environment where they had previously been trained to expect cocaine than mice treated with a placebo.

A graduate student from Stony Brook University working under Brookhaven Laboratory, Carlos Bermeo said that since the association between drugs and the places where they are used can trigger craving and/or relapse in humans, a medication that could aid in the reduction or even extinction of such responses could be a powerful tool in the treatment of addiction.

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Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

Article by Jeff Waplak

Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) is a mental disorder that follows shocking experiences such as natural calamities, wars, terrorist attacks, violence and rape. Even when the trauma is over, the brain keeps reacting to the terrifying traumatic event. This is commonly remembered in the form of “flashback” of the traumatizing event and horrifying nightmares. Post traumatic stress disorder is also known as shell shock syndrome.

Treatment using Anti Depressant Drugs

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Social Phobia Treatment – The Mind Game Technique

Article by Garrett Strong

Have you suffered from panic attacks and you’re afraid you will never stop the anger, embarrassment, and guilt that goes along with them? If so, this technique is a powerful one used to break bad habits and stop panic attacks.

The day you stop having panic attacks will feel like getting out of an emotional prison, and you will finally get to live without the fear of losing control or having obsessive scary thoughts rule over you.

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The Simple Strategies Used To Do Anxiety Attack Treatment

Article by Monnu15

Here you will discover what some of them are, and how the fear of another anxiety attack is often the trigger of one. It is perhaps a good idea to look first to the cause of anxiety attacks in order to understand how their treatment should be addressed.The underlying cause of anxiety attacks – panic attacks – is higher than normal levels of anxiety. Now, everyone suffers from anxiety, which is quite natural. However, these levels are manageable, and people just get that day. But some people have higher levels of anxiety are so intense, continuous and prolonged that totally interferes with your ability to succeed on an almost daily basis. Sometimes referred to as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). So when a stressful event occurs every day on top of an already high level of anxiety, an anxiety attack is triggered.

Now let’s look at drugs based on drugs used in anxiety attack treatment. Some of the most common selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a group of drugs in the class of antidepressants. These work on the chemistry of your brain to control and standardize the excitement and humor. Other common drugs are used minor tranquilizers to calm you down. The third group common are beta-blockers to control the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. And they can all be effective, though some only over time.

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