Could this be post traumatic stress disorder?

Question by Ozz Bee: Could this be post traumatic stress disorder?
Its quite a long story.

But just to keep it short, In the past i was having physical,emotion and racial abuse from mostly my mother for around 5 years and it pretty much kept repeating everyday. I am now living with my father and it just seems that everytime i go to visit her at her house or even just be around her i experiance these symptoms:

– Exteme overwhelming anxienty(It almost feels that i can’t breath)
– Depression
– Confusion
– tiredness
– Difficulty focusing or concentrating
– Constant worry etc etc
– Cloudyness/haze
– and more

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Question by MarlaSinger: Could this cause post traumatic stress disorder?
I am 29 (female), and 2 years ago my stepfather and I got in a disagreement. He hit me in the face, causing me to fall to the ground and my nose was bleeding. He hit me occasionally when I was younger too, and this brought back a lot of bad memories.

I have certain symptoms of PTSD, and when I think about the incident it makes me upset and sometimes cry, even 2 years later.

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Question by delilah: Does anyone know the name of this condition from post traumatic stress disorder?
A girl at my school said she was raped when she was 7 and she has post traumatic stress disorder from it. She says that when people speak she sees the words above them and so she tries to just look them in the eye. She said that the words are different colors too. I have never heard of such a thing. It sounds surreal or like bull to me. But I don’t know. Has anyone heard of this?

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Question by Redpanda39: I have a panic attacks and possibly a panic disorder this could be due to blood sugar help?
I have been panic attacks and i think i may have a panic disorder and they have been getting incredibly worse recently (ive had two in one day) and one every day for at least two weeks now. But i was looking on the internet and it said that un-stable blood sugar could cause panic attacks and i starve myself and eat in the evening this could make my blood sugars very un stable and the first time i ever had a panic attack i didn’t have dinner. Do you think it is this or is it just stress from exams, how to i measure my blood sugar without a needle? And if this is what’s causing my panic attacks what do i do to keep my blood sugar stable? What’s your opinion?

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I have to get on a plane in 24 hours, how can I do this with agoraphobia?

Question by Skylark5: I have to get on a plane in 24 hours, how can I do this with agoraphobia?
If it was my choice I wouldn’t get on at all, but it’s because of my dads job that we have to move again. I don’t know how I can handle an airport and airplane with agoraphobia. I have lived in the same place for the last 3 years and have been dealing with agoraphobia for about that long. How can I cope with it in a ten hour flight?

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Article by dzulkarneaen Daniel

Many of agoraphobia sufferers are being mislead by information that there is a specific agoraphobia treatment. The fact is there isn’t.Inexperienced doctors and medical practitioners will give you drugs for depression or sedatives which make you feel weak and drowsy. Sometimes they will send you for sessions of counseling. These have both been proven to be very unsuccessful agoraphobia treatments indeed.

For agoraphobia treatment to be successful, it needs to address the source of the high anxiety that causes it. There really is no other agoraphobia Treatment/.

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does this sound like panic disorder?

Sometimes it just feels like i cant get enough air or i cant like breathing regularly(and i have been seen by a doctor for this already) and my heart just starts like , well i guess you can say beating out of my chest. and i get like well pain all the time in my lower stomach like cramps and very bad fatigue.
ex. last night at my softball game i started feeling like i couldnt breath and my heart was beating out of my chest.

do you think this could be panic disorder? and yes i am very stressed most of the time.
if you think it is what should i do ? see a therapist?

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms are very common, the problem is most people ignore them. The symptoms ARE early warning signs, so please don’t take them lightly. Now check if you have any in the list below, if so¬† you need to think about treating them before they become a bigger issue, you will be surprised how easy they are to control.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms usually start off with the list below.

List for the most common Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms.

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I mostly feel weird or like im gonna go mental or crazy or am gonna die .things like that.its so hard to deal with.I’m always asking my husband if he thinks im ok.no1 can tell i have this disorder unless i tell them.i guess i hide it well.I freak myself out so much thinking that im gonna lose it that i have a panic attack.I am goin to a psychiatrist on wednesday.what do u think he will prescribe?what helped you?I am on prozak,buspar and klonopin at night or as needed but im scared of how it will make me feel so i wont take it in the primary dr prescribed these for me.

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