Eat slowly, don´t overeat and chew your food well. If you follow these three ideas your body will have an easier time digesting and utilizing your food intake successfully. Being kind to your metabolism will help keep your anxiety levels in check.

If you´re struggling with generalized anxiety, phobias or panic attacks, you need to find a solution fast!  Having these overwhelming fears surge over you can be extremely disturbing, disorienting and life altering.

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Stress can be a major contributor to an anxiety or panic condition or the trigger that will start anxiety disorders. For many people who have personalities that are predisposed to anxiety, stressful events or the accumulation of stressful events over a relatively short period of time can lead to anxiety symptoms.

As our economy becomes increasingly perilous, more and more people are struggling with anxiety. You are not alone! Millions of Americans are grappling with panic attacks, extreme anxiety and the negative effects of these conditions. The symptoms can be frightening and contribute to depression and more trouble with your job or family. 
To determine whether your stress load has become too much, think back over the past year or two of your life. Think about the events or changes in your life that may have contributed to your stress level. Individual events or changes may not have been overwhelming by themselves but when they are coupled with other events, the cumulative effect may be major.  

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Overcoming panic attacks, generalized anxiety and phobias can seem daunting. These fears have become an ingrained part of you, but you can work to overcome them. All it takes is three steps. 

There are three things to remember when dealing with any kind of anxiety, phobia or panic attack problem.

1. You need to educate yourself about the physiological and psychological effects your anxiety problem is having on you.

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Phobias are created by our anxious minds in reaction to bad experiences in certain situations.  They are manufactured fears that can be undone through desensitization.   

Phobias are terrifying and confining. In the worst cases you become a prisoner in your own home, in most cases you dramatically alter your day to avoid that which you fear.

Phobias can affect your work performance, your family life, your friendships and overall happiness in dramatic ways. Some phobia sufferers open their eyes one day and realize that they are friendless, their career is in shambles, and they are cut off from their family.

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Someone in your family, a close fiend, or a co-worker is probably suffering from panic attacks or generalized anxiety and you may not even realize it. Whether you know of or suspect someone you know has this condition, you should educate yourself and be ready to provide support and encouragement, not judgment. 

You may or may not have realized it but there are countless people around you who suffer from panic attacks and horribly debilitating anxiety problems. It is often a source of extreme embarrassment and humiliation and it leaves many people unable or unwilling to talk about their problems even with family and close friends.

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Generalized anxiety and panic attacks can make your life miserable. It can alter your career path, affect your friendships and lower your self esteem. Don´t let what happened to Violet, happen to you.

Violet had always had stage fright, that´s why she was never in the theater club at school and why she always avoided giving presentations in class. She couldn´t help herself; she just got nervous and froze when she had to speak in front of people.

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Finding your relaxation method is a building block towards conquering your anxiety, panic, fear and depression. Finding what works best for you is far more important than settling on any particular technique. 

If you want to overcome anxiety of any sort, you need to find a way to relax. This is a foundational building block of any method or strategy utilized to overcome anxiety or panic attacks

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Your anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression will all benefit from a more relaxed mind. Deep relaxation isn´t easy to achieve but it is a necessity.

So many coping strategies for anxiety, panic attacks and depression rely on the ability of the sufferer to achieve a sense of relaxation. When you are relaxed your heart rate slows, your breathing slows, your blood pressure drops and your muscle tension eases. 

These are all the direct opposite effects of what you experience during a panic attack or anxious moment. The ability to counteract your body´s panicked tendencies will help you confront, overcome and resolve your fears. But you can´t deal with your problem if you can´t get your body and mind into a relaxed state. 

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The process of visual or real life desensitization requires gradual exposure to the thing that sparks your anxiety. Creating a hierarchy of steps to confront your fear is a great way to break down the fear into doable steps and chart your progress.
In order to desensitize yourself from your fears, you will have to work a program of gradual exposure through visual or real life contact with your fear. Most people do this through visuals, gradually exposing themselves in their mind to their fear.

Some people prefer to do real life exposure and some a combination. The method you choose depends on the level of your anxiety as well as the practicality of confronting your fear in real life. 

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Confronting and overcoming an anxiety disorder can be challenging. You need the help of a trusted friend or family member to help support and reassure you as you encounter your fear and work to overcome it. 

Many anxiety, panic attack and particularly phobia sufferers find having a support person to help them while they are exposing themselves to anxiety provoking situations is a great comfort and assistance.

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