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what is best ever medicen for social phobia ?

Question by Ilovemusic: what is best ever medicen for social phobia ?
i suffer from sever case of social phobia that hardly i get out of my house cause i don’t feel relaxed around people and i feel people staring at me .

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Best treatment for social phobia?

Question by LuluRose: Best treatment for social phobia?
And does anybody know how many have it?

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Answer by x_roo_x24
clubs, activities, sports =]

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What is the best way to control anxiety attacks?

Question by la dolce vita: What is the best way to control anxiety attacks?
I have very irrational anxiety attacks that make it more and more difficult to for me to drive my car. I never have them anywhere else… only when i drive… ANY ADVISE IS TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED! Thank you

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Is going to the doctor for a social phobia the best idea?

Question by : Is going to the doctor for a social phobia the best idea?
I know I have a major social phobia and after all these years I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know what else to do. I mean can a doctor help me.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best

Article by John Scott

Putting aside all the pointless arguments about whether people should get so anxious, the practical reality is that they do. If this seriously disrupts their ability to lead normal lives, then something should be done. Common humanity requires that society makes reasonable provision for their treatment. The pharmaceutical industry would have us believe drugs are the best answer to all our problems and, when it comes to dealing with anxiety disorders, our doctors have a mass to choose from. We start of with antidepressants. Yes, the name apparently suggests their function is limited to treating depression, but they can be just as useful in treating anxiety disorders. So now your doctor decides which variety to try out on you. There are the SSRIs and the tricyclics, and do not forget the MAOIs. Then we get into the anti-anxiety drugs, most often derived from the benzodiazepines. If those do not take your fancy, there are always the beta-blockers. The cabinet in your bathroom can be filled to overflowing (subject to deciding whether all these options are covered by your health plan).

But, for all this choice, there is one inconvenient truth. All the independent research evidence (that’s the research not paid for by the pharmaceutical industry) shows psychotherapy to be more effective than medication. The problem with trying to treat an emotional problem with a pill is there cannot be a conversation about why you are feeling the emotion and how you are going to deal with its consequences. Talking through the problems with a mental health specialist has the best success record in restoring quality of life and avoiding a relapse into an anxiety state. For a start, it treats you as a human being. You become the focus of attention. People listen to you and advise you on how to improve the quality of your life. In the current healthcare market, you see your doctor for a few minutes, collect a prescription and pick up the bill on the way out. People respond well when they believe their interests are being taken seriously. Their treatment is progressed rapidly if the advice they receive is seen to be useful. There is no point in advising people out of books. This has to be a hands-on approach to changing each person’s attitudes and habits. The best form of psychotherapy is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). “Cognitive” because you want people to understand their emotional responses to different situations. Only if they understand why they feel anxious can they begin the process of changing their responses. “Behavioral” because the therapist will train people to change the way they behave. This means forcing people to confront the situations in which they feel anxious or fearful, and teaching them how to react more positively.

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Article by Kathy

General anxiety disorder is a common problem, but doesn’t get talked about so much. In fact, millions of us are affected by some form of anxiety disorders. In this article I’ll talk about what this elusive disorder is, and what you can do about it.

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD?

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Question by ellagirl: What is the best way to support someone with panic disorder?
What would be an example of a supportive person or friend to someone who has panic disorder? I have panic disorder, and sometimes it feels like I have lost those who were the most important to me. What are ways people can support those with panic disorder? I am just so scared all the time, and it is also a load to have to take care of others (not children, mind you, but other people’s problems).

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The human body is the most complicated machine in this world, as best experienced by doctors. Often irregular or lack of maintenance of machines causes ruin or damage, similarly an unbalanced and irregular lifestyle may lead to serious ill functioning of human body causing several kind of diseases. One of these several medical diseases which are directly related to your lifestyle is termed as “Panic disorder or Anxiety disorders”. According to DSM-IV-TR[1], when someone is having a sudden and intense feeling of terror, fear or apprehension, without the presence of actual danger, he seems to have a “panic disorder”.  DSM-IV-TR has classified anxiety into five different types:

Generalized anxiety disorder
Social phobia
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Specific phobia
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Best medication for a severe panic disorder.?

Best (and strongest) medication for a severe panic disorder. always panicking, cant continue conversations, talk being myself, always jumpy and freak out at knocking on my door just to name a few, not meant to be diagnosed. And do NOT mention therapy. Thanks!!
Appreciate the nice stuff, i really do. I just didnt want to be dramatic but it is SEVERE i cannot even communicate. I have 101 great tips, logic, so much more but it is beyond severe and is a mental problem.
So yeah MEDS (you can still answer with tips thx but if you know about meds please write that and or include it very detailed. antiphychotics > antidepressants e.g. its severe.

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