Anyone try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before?

Question by Dave M: Anyone try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before?
I just started my first CBT session with my therapist yesterday and it was ok I guess. The first day we worked on a sheet together. Basically it had 7 columns: Trigger, Automatic thought, Feelings, Behavior/Reaction, Examine Automatic Though, Reframe Automatic Thought, and Behavioral Plan. I gave him two situations where my anxiety got out of control. One was walking into a crowded room and two was talking with someone one one one and feeling weird about looking them in the eye. So, we went through that and I guess we’re gonna continue next week with more examples. It seems too simple to work, but I guess the more I do it, the more I will start using it in real life. Not sure, hoping for the best. Has anyone here tried CBT? Was it positive? Negative? How long did it take before you started seeing results?

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Question by lady cottager: Has Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helped anyone with Bipolar disorder?
I’m on meds, and I would like to know if CBT or anything like that has helped you or anyone you know…

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Question by delilah: Does anyone know the name of this condition from post traumatic stress disorder?
A girl at my school said she was raped when she was 7 and she has post traumatic stress disorder from it. She says that when people speak she sees the words above them and so she tries to just look them in the eye. She said that the words are different colors too. I have never heard of such a thing. It sounds surreal or like bull to me. But I don’t know. Has anyone heard of this?

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I mean totally beat it, so that you never have another Panic Attack again. I hope so, because I sure am tired of being this way. If it can be beaten how do you do it, I’ve done therapy, I’ve done support, I’ve done Seminars, and I’m still doing medications. Still I have Panic Attacks and make up illogical bullshit, to avoid doing things that scare me. Anyway I’m sorry for the length of this, but if you have beaten Panic Disorder will please tell me what you did, I would really like to know? I know it probably isn’t realistic, but I don’t ever wanna have another one of these damn things again!
Oh well, thanks for your time.

Please, first, no advice on the evils of medicines and on stuff like this. I have so many hospital stays with cardiac workups that are negative and have cardiac spasms from the panic attacks. Since I started taking Zoloft 6 weeks ago, I have been having a zolting sensation like electric zolts in my head and some in my arms. The doctor on call says I am probably just having a panic attack since that is my diagnosis. She said take an extra Valium. It didn’t work. Does anybody have any experience with this? She doesn’t know what else to do.

i usually rub my head and move my mouth weird…its strange

Anyone with panic disorder, please help?

I developed panic disorder a year go, and it progressed from me not being able to be in crowded public venues to being afraid to even leave my neighborhood. But I have to go on a trip out of state on Friday that I absolutely can’t get out of. I haven’t left my general neighborhood area in 8 months, and now I have to drive 500 miles to another state. I have no idea how I’m going to do this and I am freaking out! I feel like I’m being thrown in the water without being taught how to swim. Anyone have any advice?

I tried spice a couple times and was ok. probably the third time i did it i thought i ws having a heart attack and was terrified for my life. When i came down about two hours later i still felt fuzzy headed and freaked out. I had moments of that familiar feeling for two weekes after that only lasted about five miutes. I have now started college and have been diagnosed with panic disorder. The feelings of anxiety take me back to that day where i had a horrible trip from spice. I have had this anxiety for over a month now and i believe that the spice triggered my panic attacks because i had never had anxiety before then and i was completely helathy. I hope someone can give me some ideas on what to do. STAY AWAY FROM SPICE! this stuff is extremely dangerous, many people experienced the same panic as me after they smoked but now i have a disorder and constantly have that freaky panic feeling.

well, eveytime I go to see a movie at the theater I feel like my right arm gets numb and my chest starts to hurt and well basically feel like if I’m going to have a panic attack. I start to want to just leave but I try my hardest to resist and just stay in the room to overcome this feeling (supposably). Then when I leave I have the symptoms of a panic attack but I think its just the anxiety building up. IDK or is it that I have a social panic disorder…..but when I’m with people lets say at the mall I feel fine. Has this ever happened to anyone else.

My friend has recently told me she has Panic Disorder. I’m not really familiar with it so I’ve decided to do some research on it to try and understand what she is going through. If you could tell me your experience with panic disorder, for example when you first got it, what happens to you during a panic attack (symptoms), what effect it had/has on your life, what help you have received/are receiving, anything like that would be great. I’d also like to know if you felt like you were weird and not normal because that’s how my friend feels. She says nobody understands her. Anything at all that you can tell me would be so helpful and I would really appreciate it.

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