Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD for short is usually diagnosed by a doctor through a process of elimination based on the symptoms you present. It is a hard condition to diagnose because many of the symptoms related to this problem can also be present in other conditions.
This problem involves severe anxiety over a period of at least six months but you don’t have to contend with panic attacks or other problems related to phobias and obsessions. When struggling with GAD, you have persistent, excessive worry over at least two aspects of your life although most sufferers find they deal with many more troubling thoughts. 

The stress for GAD sufferers usually focuses on money, health, relationships or school or job performance. The worry that you feel is not just occasional and related to specific events like an interview or a coming promotion but persistent, excessive and time consuming. 

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Do you have excessive or unwanted anxiety? Do you wish you were more confident and relaxed? Do you want to be able to take on new situations and experiences without fear?
If you suffer from any kind of worry there are ways to soothe yourself, calm yourself and relax your mind. Confidence and self esteem are the ways we get noticed in our society. Employers hire and promote confident, engaging people more readily and confident men and women find dating and meeting potential mates a lot easier. There are so many facets of life where fear can hamper you. Getting rid of or controlling the apprehension can have a profoundly positive effect on your life.

Anxiety is our body´s normal reaction to uncomfortable stimulus. Uneasiness can crop up in a wide variety of situations, some of them common, some of them not. You could become exceptionally nervous when talking to your boss, talking to a pretty girl or handsome guy or driving to work.
You can experience anxiety anywhere; in the supermarket, at the movie theater, at your friends wedding or at your child´s school play. You could have a panic attack at the hair salon, while getting a manicure or talking to friends.
Anxiety is not simply fear. Fear is a focused, directed feeling about a person, object or event that could possibly occur. You´re afraid when you walk in a dark alley alone at night. You are afraid when you´re child is seriously ill in the hospital. These are rational, concrete things to be fearful of. The angst you are struggling with is often an undefined feeling; you really can´t focus in on exactly what you are so worried about.

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