Question by lifes a beach: How do you develop panic disorder?
How do you develop panic disorder? What are the symptoms and can it randomly develop in a teen?

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Answer by smiles
Panic is an automatic push button in your brain cells that alerts you of danger. Your senses react to it and you’re able to control it but if the button is broken than it will become chronic panic. All you should do is read about panic and google it. It will list all you need to know about panic. The symptoms varies from one person to another. It will make you feel like you cannot breathe or swallow. It will make you feel uneasy or edgy. It will make you feel like someone is stepping on your chest. For some, they can tell when a panic is about to occur by the sweating of palms or neck. I have chronic panic attacks but I have learned to adjust to them and I do not take meds. My 86 year old Aunt takes meds for her panic and she’s never gotten better. The meds do not work only keep you calm for 4-6 hours and during those hours you have to keep your mind distract or else an attack will occur. I hope this helps but I suggest seek medical attention for this as this panic could relate to a traumatic incident like rape, robbery, death or rejection.

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