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What is panic attack/ Anxiety attack?

Question by yes: What is panic attack/ Anxiety attack?
The other day a coworker of mine said that he gets anxiety attacks. I have heard other people talk about panic attack. Are they both the same? What does a person feel when they have it? Do they feel anxious or panicked about something? I am just curious.
Is it like pschrizophrenia where a person imagination creates some kind of fear or danger?
Thanks everybody, appreacite the answers.

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Question by : What are some good coping methods for panic attacks?
I am seventeen and currently in high school. I have social anxiety and have frequent panic attacks. I need to have coping methods in place so I do not fully rely on my medicine which is currently not having any effect anyway. I am aware that what helps people with anxiety is different for everyone, but I would like some ideas of coping methods if possible. I am trying to collect a list of them to try next time I have a panic attacks to find out what works and such.

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Question by Mohamed Gad: What should i smoke to realx and get rid of the anxiety and panic attacks ?
I’ve been smoking hash for the past 6 six months and i’ve had some bad panic attacks and hallucination!
I wanna get high because , after stopping hash I’ve not laughed and I’ve barely eaten !
What should i do ?
some friends told me to smoke indica or that herbal incense called super kush ?
Btw i live in Egypt so that stuff is very rare to find ?

BTW i live in Egypt !

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Why would a psychologist send someone with anxiety and panic attacks history to a neurologist?

Question by J: Why would a psychologist send someone with anxiety and panic attacks history to a neurologist?
Teen with ocd, anxiety and panic attacks who is high level athlete got a mild concussion. Has been out a month and now so psychologist and physician are sending to a neurologist. Headaches gone still suggesting memory issues but also think experiencing fear of returning to both sport and class. What will a neurologist rule out?

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Question by Tay B: how can you tell the difference between nocturnal panic attacks and sleep apnea?
how can you tell the difference between nocturnal panic attacks and sleep apnea? are there any signs or anything..
i usually wake up very shortly after falling asleep and i feel like my body is shaking and then sometimes i wake up feeling like i need deeper breathes..

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Effective Tips to Start Managing Panic Attacks Naturally

Article by Tim Shaw

Panic attacks can destroy ones life and effect quality of life so much it may feel that the only answer to turn things around is to take meditation and mind altering drugs. The only way to treat panic attacks and get over them is to understand why they occur and how to tackle and treat the root causes in order to overcome them for good.The problem with panic attack is that it stems from anxiety. Anxiety in a nutshell is stemmed from intense stress, worry, fear of impending doom that for most of us resolves around family, friends, money, work and social activities. When you understand that anxiety is created from fear and this potential fear can lead to panic attacks it can be safe to say that drugs and medication out there can not remove or eliminate emotional triggers you have that are leading to panic attacks.Although panic attacks can come at any time for no apparent reason, they don’t have to be a full blown attack in order for them to scare the life out of you. Many people can experience short attacks over mini episodes but these in themselves can lead to a shocking drop in the quality of life.The best way to tackle anxiety is to look take it by the horns and banish it. It might sound easier said than done but you need to desensitise yourself from the fear and eliminate it. There are several techniques you can use but you need to remember that you are the one that is allowing the fear to take over you. A great way is to not fight it, instead allow it to enter your body, tell yourself, ” we are in this together and I own you and control you” you will soon see that anxiety in time will become less intense. The key is to not allow it to break your will if you do this all you will be doing is reaffirming in your mind that you are not strong enough to overcome the fear and anxiety.Some great tips to help reduce anxiety and therefore panic attacks is to meditate and exercise. Mediation has helped millions of people transform their lives and allow them to overcome anxiety naturally and faster than you may think. Exercise allows you to release natural hormones and makes you feel good and more in touch with tackling stress and concerns with a better mindset. Caffeine and nicotine can quickly make problems worse. Even though you may feel at ease and rest with these drugs they are doing the opposite to your body and causing a tonne of hormonal imbalances and changes in your body. Stopping caffeine or reducing it and quitting smoking can do wonders for anxiety.

About the Author
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Am I suffering from panic attacks?

Article by Mary Morrison

Do you suffer panic attacks? If you are, then you are not alone.

Panic attacks are of a nature that many people have a difficult time explaining what is going on and why. Symptoms of a panic attack vary, depending on the severity of the event. Panic attacks can be as simple as forgetting where you are that exact moment and or where you may have parked your car after coming out of the grocery store.

What are the symptoms? Am I having a panic attack?Symptoms of a panic attack range from shallow breathing and mild sweats, to a very rapid heart rate, excessive sweating and heavy breathing and the feeling that you may even be having a heart attack, due to the pressure that you feel in and around your chest. Panic attacks affect people in many different ways. Panic attacks some times occur for no known reason at all. Right before, during and immediately after the attack, a complete sense of fear, hopelessness and helplessness are the only thoughts racing through your head. The affect of the panic attacks vary from a short term sense of fear of the unknown to the complete social withdrawal of ones being. A fear of being around a group of people is very common after a strong panic attack.

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Panic Attacks Help: Overcome Anxiety Attacks Easily

Article by Mark C Roberts

Hypnotherapy Gives Panic Attacks Help

If you have never experienced a panic attack, then you certainly do not want to! But, if you have been through the torture of intense fear and/or anxiety along with chest pain and a heart that pounds so hard you are afraid you are having a heart attack, feeling as if you are losing control of reality, trembling, sweating or cold chills, being dizzy, feeling as if you are suffocating, and the belief that you are dying, that’s a panic attack, and you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. You could use some panic attacks help, but you are unsure as to where to start.

Different Intensities for Different People

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When I cycle from panic attack to feeling normal why do I miss and even long for my panic attacks?

Question by : When I cycle from panic attack to feeling normal why do I miss and even long for my panic attacks?
I have regular panic attacks around 10 or so a month but some months I wont have any. Why Do I miss them even though I feel great?

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A Panic Attack Cure Which Everyone Must Have

Article by Bobby Dyland

In an episode of an American Sitcom entitled ?Just Shoot Me,? one of the characters named Elliot suddenly collapsed when he was reminded about his marriage with a character named Maya. When he woke up in the hospital, he thought that it was a heart attack but it turns out that he had a panic attack due to his fear of getting married. Just like in real life, panic attack is usually mistaken for a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

A panic attack is the sudden development of an intense anxiety that causes immediate physical reaction. Panic attacks interfere with your everyday life and cause certain adverse effects that prevent you from enjoying a normal life. Hence, one should seek a panic attack cure because it may be a serious medical condition.

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