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Eat slowly, don´t overeat and chew your food well. If you follow these three ideas your body will have an easier time digesting and utilizing your food intake successfully. Being kind to your metabolism will help keep your anxiety levels in check.

If you´re struggling with generalized anxiety, phobias or panic attacks, you need to find a solution fast!  Having these overwhelming fears surge over you can be extremely disturbing, disorienting and life altering.

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Modifying your dietary intake may be the key to reducing your anxiety and stress levels. In addition to removing stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, reducing your sugar intake can also help. High sugar consumption can lead to a variety of conditions including diabetes or hypoglycemia if you experience sudden, dramatic drops in your sugar levels.

Hypoglycemia symptoms such as trembling, light headedness, palpitations and irritability all mirror the symptoms of a panic attack. Americans today simply eat too much sugar, it´s in the soda we drink, the processed meats we eat and the desserts we consume.   

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What you put into your body affects the way you feel and the internal physiology of your body. 

We are all aware that some foods and drinks act as stimulants and others have a soothing effect, some are even purported to be aphrodisiacs. Since there is a relationship between food and the way we feel, it is important that you are conscious of what you are taking in because it will affect what comes out and that includes your anxiety level. 

Of course seeing a nutritionist is the best way to get the necessary personal evaluation and modifications to your diet but there are some general guidelines that might help your anxiety and panic attack levels. 

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