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*  Learn to work through and resolve the fear about having an anxiety or panic attack...  


*   Understand the reasons behind your anxiety and panic attacks

     and how to resolve them... 


*   Break the negative thoughts with my Positive-Thought-

     Redirection™ method…


*   Deal with your panic attacks through exercise and other physical and

     emotional outlets … 


*   Know how anxiety holds you back from achieving what you want in life… 


*   Know exactly what is happening in your brain  and throughout your body

     when you have a panic attack... 


*   Know if a panic attack will harm you … 


*   Learn more about your problems and how to proactively solve them... 


*   Realize that you are not alone, that your problems are shared by millions of



*  Find the "switch" in your brain that can stop your panic instantly...


* Take your mind and body to a deep state of relaxation...   



Are You Ready To Stop The Anxiety And


Panic Attacks Right Now?







panic thoughts 




This unique and complete downloadable e-course includes the following e-Books and reports; all written by Bertil Hjert:

  1. Say Goodbye to Panic and Anxiety Attacks 92 pages       
  2. Agoraphobia-Understand and Resolve Your Fear 22 p  
  3. OCD-Confront Your Fears, Compulsions, and Practice Positive Thinking 20 p 
  4. Stop Panic Attacks and Deal with Your Anxious Thoughts!  17 p
  5. Social Phobia-End Struggles With Fear & Participate in Your Life Again 20 p
  6. Breathe Better-Feel Better-Lessen Stress with Abdominal Breathing 20 p  
  7. Relax Your Body with the techniques of Progressive Muscle Relaxation 20 p  

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<<100% Risk Free...>>   

Do you experience symptoms like? 

Light Headedness  - Have you experienced dizzy spells or light headedness?       

Breathing Difficulty  - Do you get or have you experienced difficulty in swallowing, followed byshortness of breath? 

Speeding Heart  - Have you experienced a pounding heart with tingly sensations all over yourbody? 

Chest Pain  - Do you think you are having a heart attack, but your doctor says your heart is ashealthy as a horse? 

Overwhelming Fear  - Do you or have you felt overwhelming terror that something terrible isabout to happen? Are you “going crazy”?  

Obsessive Worries  - Are you unable to shake that dreadful feeling that you hit someone, thatyou’ve forgot something or you left the door unlocked?

The Feeling of Impending Doom  - Do you sometimes feel like the world is ending, you are dyingor horrible events are just around the corner?


                                                                      We honor your privacy and your information will be 100% protected


Imagine a Life Free From The
Heavy Burden of Anxiety...! 


*       Laughing with your loved ones as you go about your daily activities  


*       Sleeping soundly through the night, without panic, dreaming wonderfully 


*       Heading to work everyday, happy in your job and with your co-workers 


*       Feeling ready to take on the world with joy and enthusiast 


*       Leaving your home, travelling or going on holidays without fear 


*       Trusting your body  sound and you are good health


*       Socializing with people and never being anxious about leaving 


*       Giving speeches without having a nervous breakdown 


*       Feeling free to drive, fly or do what you like without irrational concern 


*       Being free from circular or repetitive thoughts 


*       Having a clear mind and strong sense of purpose 


*       Learning how to stop your anxiety in its tracks 


*       Awakening in the morning without being troubled by negative thoughts


*       Taking advantage of new opportunities and experiencing new things


*       Regaining the trust of loved ones who notice that you are now calm and relaxed 


*       Living in a fearless manner without waiting for the next attack 


*       Becoming a source of encouragement for others who experience anxiety  


       Your Offer Now Only $14.90 



By now, you must be wondering… What Makes This Program So Special?    

Are you struggling with panic and anxiety?

Are you tired of feeling worried and nervous all of the time? 

Do you want to find out the reasons for your anxiety? 

Do you want to learn ways to stop feeling so panicked all of the time? 


*  If you want to take control of your life and solve your anxiety then you need to buy “Say Goodbye to Panic and Anxiety Attacks”. 


*  This book and accompanying materials will provide you with concrete methods to  help you solveyour anxiety and panic attack problems. 


*  Don’t be afraid to speak up at your next business meeting. Don’t shake with fear next time youhave to give a speech in front of others. Stop worrying about your job  performance, your health, the well being of your family or any other thoughts that plague you day and night. 


*  Get off the worry express and find peace and calm with the relaxation techniques  detailed in the Panic Goodbye™ Course  . 


*  The book and information reports provide you with the knowledge you need to tackle your fear,

    panic attacks, phobias or other anxiety based conditions. 


*  You will learn how to breathe your way to a more relaxed mind, think your way to a morepositive outlook and choose the relaxation techniques that work best for you. 


*  There is something for everyone in these materials, whether you are a skeptic or a believer,whether you are willing to experiment or hesitant to try anything there is a solution for you. 


*  The only tool you need is determination, the determination and willingness to make your lifebetter, read the materials and pick a technique that you feel comfortable with. 


*  Live a better, more fulfilled life, spend more quality time with your family and friends, and excelat work and in your relationships. 


*  There are no limits to what you can achieve once you learn how to control and eliminate your fear, worry and panic. 


*  The information in Say Goodbye to Panic and Anxiety is useful for anyon suffering from a diagnosed panic or anxiety disorder, people who think they are struggling with anxiety or people who don’t think they have a severe problem but want to be and act more confident.  


*  Learn the power of Positive-Thought-Redirection™ which will help you change your negative and anxious mindset. Learn about the power of abdominal breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. With practice you will reduce or eliminate your fears, anxieties and phobias.  


*  Say Goodbye to panic attacks! Say goodbye to anxiety! Say goodbye to phobias!

    Say goodbye to everything that is holding you back from getting what you want and living your best life. 


*  Start living the life you want today and order the Panic Goodbye™ program. 




                            Your Offer Now Only $14.90








*  Overview of Anxiety Disorders

*  Case Studies in Anxiety

*  What Causes Anxiety Disorders?

*  Stress….It’s Not Helping!

*  What Can I Do About My Panic Attacks?

*  Get Some Exercise, It’ll Help!

*  Don’t Let Anxiety Conquer Your Mind

*  Mind Over Body

*  Coping Strategies-resolve anxiety 

* Positive-Thought-Redirection™

*  Positive-Thought-Redirection-in Action 






*  A Case of Agoraphobia…

*  What is Agoraphobia?

*  What Are Some of the Symptoms and  Effectsof Agoraphobia? 

*  Why Do I Have Agoraphobia?

*  How Can I Overcome My Agoraphobia?

*  Exercise, Sleep & Diet  

*  Breathing &Muscle Relaxation Techniques

*  Guided Imagery Technique 

*  Positive-Thought-Redirection™ Technique







*  A Case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

*  Defining OCD 

*  Symptoms of OCD 

*  Causes of OCD 

*  Treating OCD 

*  Positive-Thought-Redirection™ by OCD 

*  Breathing & Relaxation Techniques by OCD 





    *  Case Study of Susan´s Panic Attack

    *  Everyone gets anxious from time to time. 

    *  Why does anxiety hit some people and

        not others?

   *  The Positive-Thought-Redirection™


   *  Anxiety symptoms 

    *  You can control your panic attacks and


    *  Understand and identify the triggers of

        panic attacks







*  A Case of Social Phobia…

*  An Introduction to Social Phobia…

*  Defining Social Phobia…

*  Specific Symptoms of Social Phobia…

*  Causes or Origins of Social Phobia...

*  Treatment Options for Social Phobia…

*  Discover a New Found Confidence…





    *  Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

    *  PMR Preparation

    *  PMR Practice
    *  PMR Process








*  The Importance of Breathing

*  Achieving Relaxation through Breathing

*  What is the Relaxation Response?

*  Abdominal Breathing Exercise

*  Check Your Breathing

*  What Abdominal Breathing looks and feels like

*  More Abdominal Breathing Exercises

*  Be Aware of Your Breath




Do You Want To Experience All of This For Yourself    Absolutely Risk Free?

This program is available to download to your computer right now. You will learn  the exact proven techniques that are giving results that you never thought were possible just a few short years ago. 

You can start learning about your problem today and finding methods to resolve your anxiety that you can apply to your daily life. You get all the materials quickly and easily and with no risk to you!

          So What Guarantee Do I Offer?            



8 Week Unconditional

Money Back Guarantee 


My personal promise to you: If my program doesn't fulfill your every expectation, help you relieve your anxiety and panic attacks, and put a stop to your suffering... 

If you're not 100% thrilled and delighted with the results... Just ask for a refund and I'll send you every penny of your money back. It's that simple, and the risk is 100% on my part... not yours. 

You have nothing to lose, send me anemail and ask for refund.   You will get all your money back and you can keep the course. 




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The online course can be very easily downloaded in one simple step. This means that you can get started straight away and begin eliminating panic and anxiety attacks this very moment. 


Say Goodbye to panic attacks! Say goodbye to anxiety! Say goodbye to phobias!  Say goodbye to everything that is holding you back from getting what you want and living your best life. 



Get Your Personal Copy Of Panic Goodbye™ Right Now! 

YES! I want to finally end the suffering and embarrassment of panic and anxiety attacks... please give me INSTANT ACCESS to my downloadable copy of the PanicGoodbye™ program... 

*    I understand that if I act now, I will receive the whole program for the incredibly low onetime fee of  only $14.90!


*    I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server , and once it is processed, I will be able to immediately download my 7 eBooks and reports (electronic books)... even if it's 2am on a Sunday.


*    I understand that I have 8 weeks to test each and every bit of information in your book and if I am not 100% thrilled with the amazing relief I experience, I can get a full refund. 


*    Now I no longer have to be one of the millions of people who have experienced anxiety or panic attacks. 


What I really hope for, by offering this at a minimal rate is that you will let others know of the great results you achieve and help spread the word faster to any friends or colleagues that may suffer from a similar anxiety issue.


Please send an email and tell me the results you have achieved with my program. I´d love to hear your own story and your experience!


If you have any problem with the downloads, please don´t hesitate to write me an email and I will immediately solve the problem.





   Bertil Hjert              Please visit my BLOG: to

                                 read updated articles


                        follow for updated information and



                        articles on Anxiety


*   Panic Goodbye™ was written by me to help you understand the underlying causes of anxiety and panic attacks. If your problems are in any way about Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Panic Disorder it will support you whenever you start experiencing anxiety.  


*   The techniques you'll discover in "the PanicGoodbye™ program" will help you to overcome these problems. You´ll be able to implement the techniques immediately with easy steps and clear directions to get you anxiety free. There are no confusing or hard-to-understand  directions or techniques.



*   PanicGoodbye™ applies equally to individuals of all ages. You can print it in a larger font size to make it easier for the elderly to read. For young children you should apply the course yourself and then practice it with your children in a way you think it will be best for them. 


*   The process of downloading the eBook is very easy and doesn´t require any particular skills. You´ll receive information within minutes for an instant download, which you can do from any computer you wish. We will help you with any problems you may have. You can read the eBook on any computer or print a copy from your printer. 


*   Please Remember: You have No Risk. Use the strategies of PanicGoodbye™ in your own situation and if you aren't more relaxed and less tense, or decide it's not for you for ANY reason, simply send me an email within 8 weeks asking for your refund and I will refund your money, no questions asked, and you can keep the course.  


   Your Offer Only $14.90   



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